PRICE: 70€

If you are looking for full adventure package Extreme Canyoning tour is for you. The best adventure trip in Croatia.

Transport: 25€
About Extreme Canyoning

The best adventure trip in Croatia. Extreme canyoning is a combination of walking, hiking, sliding down the rapids, swimming in crystal clear natural water pools, walking through the tunnels and rappelling near the 55m waterfall. Also, includes some cliff jumps up to 10 meters high and one more 20m rappelling.

We provide you with wetsuits, life vests, climbing harnesses andhelmets. All you need for this trip is a swimsuit, some kind of sports shoes, adventurous spirit and you are readyfor extreme canyoning expedition!

Who is this tour for?

Extreme Canyoning on Cetina river is suitable for beginners and can be also enjoyed by experienced adventurers. It’s adventures bomb for all generations starting from 14 years old.

Additional information

To make sure you have the best possible experience please read this carefully.


These are included in price.

  • Wetsuit
  • Professional lincesed guides
  • Life west
  • Helmet
  • Harness


Please bring these items with you.

  • Sports shoes (flip flops or slides are not recommended)
  • Backpack
  • Clothes to change
  • Water
  • If you don’t have running shoes, you can rent canyoning shoes from our storage house.

A few notes

Additional info about the weather and general disclamers.


Distance: 2500 meters

Deepest part: 180 meters

Highest waterfall: 55 meters

River temperature: 18-21 C (64-70 F)

Activity time: 3-4h

Total tour time: 6-7h

Fitness level: On the scale from 1-5, is 3

Experience: Not necessary

Swimming knowledge: Not necessary, life vests are provided

Cliff jumping: All cliff jumps are optional, and can be avoided


The operator has the right to cancel tours, without notice, at their discretion depending on the weather or river conditions.